In Our Home is a monthly meetup of interesting and interested people. You can expect great talks, and we'll expect great conversation as a result. Come ready to ask questions, share opinions and enjoy the company. To contact any of us, hover a head below. For press or speaking inquiries, please write to curious @ inourhome . org.

October: Survival

While we don't look for themes, this month's appeared once all the dust of lining up speakers had settled. "Survival," in many contexts. We'll hear from an artist on the anniversary of his intrepid journey to zero, an historian will tell the story of the real life Robinson Crusoes of Wake Island, and we'll discuss what happens when a condemned man doesn't die. Recommended reading is at the bottom of the page. This months speakers:

Russell Freeland

One year ago to the day, Russel set out on the Absolute Zero Project. He gave up all of his money and worldy possesions and boarded a plane for Austin, TX. His goal was to get by only via creative endeavors, accepting no charity, and accomplishing 4 major objectives in the process.

John Horrigan

John has an incredible repertoire as a professional lecturer. He has spoken on Historical Weather, Historical Economics, Historical Fires, and the Paranormal. His background as a professional sports announcer, and his love for the minutiae of history make him a unique and exciting presenter. Tonight, he will be presenting "The Robinson Crusoes of Wake Island."